Our Work

Direct Engagement and Representation

This is your EGAA; your esports scene. Your voice will be heard and you can shape your esports scene through your membership in the EGAA. Each and every member has the ability to contribute to a platform within the EGAA to come together and discuss issues and concerns important to them and their role in building out the scene, as well as having the opportunity to work on dedicated industry-wide issues of key importance.

This direct engagement and representation is set-up via the following panels, forums, and groups:

  • Panels:
    • Players
    • Pathways (University, high schools, and grassroots)
    • Talent and Content Creators
    • Integrity and Gambling
    • Diversity and Inclusion
    • Legal and Regulatory
    • Policy Development
    • New Zealand
  • Forums
    • Publishers
    • Developers
    • Teams and Organisations
    • Venue and Ticketing Operators
    • Tournament and League Operators
    • Sponsors
    • Broadcasters and Streaming Platforms
  • Groups
    • Fans
    • Job Seekers

Issues and concerns flowing from a panel, forum, or group will be raised at a Board level from the platform leaders for discussion and distillation into a policy or advocacy approach. To get involved in or lead a platform, please contact us.

From the scene. In the scene. For the scene.