EGAA 2018 Conference Schedule

14th March, L'Aqua, Sydney


Session 1

8:40am - Morning Refreshments

9:00am - Introduction 

Introduction to the EGAA and purpose of conference presented by -

  • Mat Jessep (Interim CEO, EGAA)
  • David Harris (Board Member, EGAA)

9:20am - Market Insight: The Growth of Esports Fans

This dive into marketplace approaches reveals how brands can engage with their target audience in esports. Presented by -

  • Shane Mattike (Managing Director, Nielsen Sports & Entertainment)

10:10 - Behind Esports: The Big Players

Australia’s largest gaming companies explain how they are treating esports as the industry moves forwards. Presented by -

  • Daniel Ringland (Head of Oceanic Esports, Riot Games)
  • Nick Vanzetti (Managing Director, ESL Australia)
  • Lewis Mitchell (Partnerships Associate, Twitch)

Session 2

11:00am - Morning Tea

11:20am - Brand and Business Promotion

This talk will explore topics around branding and promotion of businesses in this competitive market. Presented by -

  • Lalor McMahon (Marketing Manager, Razer)

  • Samuel Harris (Chief Operating Officer, Gfinity Australia)

  • Ben Sellenger (Global Marketing CEO, Bastion Collective)

  • Paul Houlihan (Business Director, Double Jump Communications)

12:10pm - Diversity and Inclusion in Esports

This panel will look at the status quo within esports, and how we can challenge it to benefit the industry. Presented by -

  • Zoe “xChi” Lusted (Competitive COD Player, Tainted Minds)

  • Dominic Remond (CEO, Gfinity Australia)

  • Mary Konstantopoulos (Founder and Owner, Ladies Who League)

  • Anna Lockwood (Head of Market Development, Telstra Broadcast Services)


Session 3

1:00pm - Lunch

2:00pm - The Esports Transition

From grassroots to mainstream, this panel dives into the views of experienced local stakeholders, looking at their thoughts on this developing industry. Presented by -

  • Andrew Wang (Head of Marketing, Mwave)

  • Steve Sams (Chief Operating Officer, CyberGamer)

  • Daniel Chlebowczyk (Strategic Director, CouchWarriors)

  • Tim Wendel (Head of Esports at AFC, Legacy Esports)

2:50pm - Growth and Issues in Esports

This panel will give attendees the option to join in as we explore growth and industry issues. Presented by -

  • Brett Sullivan (CEO, Flaktest Gaming)

  • Chris Smith (PR & Marketing, Corsair)

  • Jason Spiller (Marketing Specialist, HP Omen)

  • Albert Nassif (Owner, Mindfreak)

3:40pm - Afternoon Tea 

4:00pm - Esports Policies: The EGAA Panel

This will be an introduction to the EGAA board, followed by an open Q&A session focusing on esports policies. Presented by -

  • Mat Jessep (Interim CEO, EGAA)

  • Dave Harris (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Daniel Chlebowczyk (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Chris Smith (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Nick Vanzetti (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Jason Spiller (Board Member, EGAA)

5:00pm - End of Conference