EGAA 2018 Conference Partnered with the Esports Pro Oceania Awards

Darling Harbour | 14 March 2018

The inaugural EGAA esports conference will run during the day of March the 14th, and will be followed by the Esports Pro Oceania Awards, an MCV Pacific initiative, in the evening. The event will be held at Sydney’s L’Aqua at Darling Harbour and will showcase some of Australia and New Zealands best industry speakers.


The conference and awards are an opportunity for members of the industry to meet, share knowledge and participate in panels. This first conference will set us on a path of collective growth and professional development together, and will be a chance to share ideas and perspectives with our peers.

Following the conference will be the Esports Pro Awards, which include a range of categories available for public nominations. 

Our schedule of the day covers a number of topics listed below. An in depth text version of the schedule can be found here, and a PDF copy here.


Session 1

9:00am - Introduction - presented by Mat Jessep and David Harris from the EGAA

9:20am - Market Insight: The Growth of Esports Fans - presented by Nielsen Sports & Entertainment 

10:10 - Behind Esports: The Big Players - presented by

  • Daniel Ringland (Head of Oceanic Esports, Riot Games)
  • Nick Vanzetti (Managing Director, ESL Australia)
  • Lewis Mitchell (Partnerships Associate, Twitch)


Session 2

11:20am - Brand and Business Promotion - presented by

  • Lalor McMahon (Marketing Manager, Razer)

  • Samuel Harris (Chief Operating Officer, Gfinity Australia)

  • Ben Sellinger (Global Marketing CEO, Bastion Collective)

  • Paul Houlihan (Business Director, Double Jump Communications)

12:10pm - Diversity and Inclusion in Esports - presented by

  • Zoe “xChi” Lusted (Competitive COD Player, Tainted Minds)

  • Dominic Remond (CEO, Gfinity Australia)

  • Mary Konstantopoulos (Founder and Owner, Ladies Who League)

  • Anna Lockwood (Head of Market Development, Telstra Broadcast Services)


Session 3

2:00pm - The Esports Transition - presented by

  • Andrew Wang (Head of Marketing, Mwave)

  • Steve Sams (Chief Operating Officer, CyberGamer)

  • Daniel Chlebowczyk (Strategic Director, CouchWarriors)

  • Tim Wendel (Head of Esports at AFC, Legacy Esports)

2:50pm - Growth and Issues in Esports - presented by

  • Brett Sullivan (CEO, Flaktest Gaming)

  • Chris Smith (PR & Marketing, Corsair)

  • Jason Spiller (Marketing Specialist, HP Omen)

  • Albert Nassif (Owner, Mindfreak)

4:00pm - Esports Policies: The EGAA Panel - presented by

  • Mat Jessep (Interim CEO, EGAA)

  • Dave Harris (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Daniel Chlebowczyk (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Chris Smith (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Nick Vanzetti (Board Member, EGAA)

  • Jason Spiller (Board Member, EGAA)


Tickets to the conference have sold out.

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