Nick Vanzetti

Founding Board Member

Having come from a player’s background in esports since 2002, I first got involved in the business side of esports to help bridge the gap between games marketing and competitive play. There was a huge gap in conditions and expectations between brands or publishers, together with their Marketing & PR functions, and how the most fair, competitive tournaments should be run for the best players. Basically, some of the most prolific esports tournaments in the earlier years were run as a marketing tool to build hype around a new game title or content release, with little care for the competitive integrity, structure or rulesets that helped crown the best team or player. After 16 years in and around the esports ecosystem in Australia & New Zealand, I feel the businesses I’ve built and publishers we have worked with have definitely helped bring a more authentic, fair experience to how we see esports tournaments run today. Along this journey, I have seen the industry gain a higher profile not only within the video gaming category, but also in mainstream credibility and acceptance.

I have joined the EGAA to continue to help shape the esports ecosystem outside of those areas I am involved. I feel there is some work to be done in helping stabilise and support our flourishing sport. I truly believe this body can help uphold standards and best practices for many facets of the industry while facilitating the growing needs of its many new players, teams, businesses and other stakeholders. I feel I can contribute to EGAA based on my years of experience across many touch points in games and esports.

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