Josh Edwards

Founding Board Member

After over a decade navigating the esports landscape as a player, leader and sponsor, I have experienced the formative years of esports in Australia. I bore witness to the comings-and-goings of organisations, events and player talent. As a player, I experienced fair and equitable treatment and, just as often, not so equitable treatment. My experiences have led me to two key points. Firstly, there is a clear knowledge gap between what players expect and what sponsors and organisations deliver. Secondly, as sponsors and organisation owners, if we do not support and nurture our player base, treating them fairly–with clear cut expectations, we will not succeed.

I have joined EGAA to act as the voice of the players. With my experience as a player and a community sponsor I believe I can empathise with the player position and vocalise their needs. My aim is for EGAA to close the knowledge gap between player expectation and reality, by educating players, defining their rights and encouraging organisations and sponsors to treat our talent with the respect and dignity afforded to traditional athletes.

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