Jason Spiller

Founding Board Member

I have had the absolute privilege of watching the growth of esports in Australia and New Zealand over the last two decades, from the cobbled together events and LAN’s of the 90’s through to today’s massive broadcast events. During that time, I have been honored to serve as Team Manager to the earliest incarnation of the eblacks while they represented the nation at the World Cyber Games. Built tournaments and events from the ground up and now take pride in supporting the amazing players, owners and organizations of today’s thriving esports industry. I have seen the potential of the region, the Champions we have produced and the hard working teams that helped them get there. Champions and teams that will need more support in the years ahead.

Moving forward, we have a unique opportunity. Other regions have in part paved a road for us to follow, to learn from their successes and their failures. Right now, we are at a moment of transition, new companies, groups and individuals are excited to get involved in the esports movement, bringing opportunities and growth potential. But, to succeed, it must also be a moment of reflection, to remember what makes esports unique, inclusive and aspirational while integrating these new elements into the industry.

New Zealand has a big part to play in this transition, this growth in the regions esports industry. This is where I joined the EGAA in early 2017, to not only bring my industry experience and knowledge to the board but to be the voice of Kiwi gamers. The EGAA represents a chance for both Australia and New Zealand to ensure the sustainable and positive growth of esports in the region because we are unequivocally stronger together.

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