Daniel Chlebowczyk

Founding Board Member

From the beginning of my time in esports, a pathway that started well before but solidified in 2007 as I played in events as a pro player, I’ve observed the need for an organisation which can provide a unifying point for the diverse communities across esports and competitive play.

Having taken a journey for more than 10 years, from player to events organiser, and now working in the space to help facilitate teams with sponsors, running events and leagues, or helping grow awareness of the space through both communications and my own writing on the scene, the passion for esports is as strong as ever.

Recognising we have a large, disparate, but interconnected set of communities and interests, the aims of EGAA match my own for the esports industry. Providing leadership while being inclusive, to demystify esports while engaging with and supporting the grass roots.

I am pleased to join EGAA to broaden its profile in the region, while remaining authentic and shining a light on the communities at the core. We aim to help players, teams, organisers, spectators and supporters with their own development in the scene, and provide a structure for people to communicate and coordinate.

This is something I believe will drive the passion of the many great people in the space or looking for a way to take part, to improve the environment for all.

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